Matching bedside and overbed tables for the care beds created and crafted by FMB care

Furniture to make you more independent

Independence – i.e. as far as is possible – is an important factor in the daily life of a patient. Easy and independent access to personal storage space, shelves and surfaces provided by a bedside table contributes towards this goal. And it is just as vital to be able to use table tops while still resting in bed so that patients can read comfortably, write or enjoy a meal.

FMB care prides itself on an extensive range of bedside tables and overbed tables. We currently have on offer 12 models in a variety of finishes – naturally with each one matching a care bed in the FMB care collection. This range of tables can effectively ramp up the independence, the comfort and the general wellbeing of all those using a care bed. It is even possible to have your own fridge in your bedside table.