Cosiness matched with high-octane technical quality.

The care bed series Belvita and Move from FMB care

In 2009 FMB care created the perfect combination of comfort, cosiness and functionality with the care bed series known as Belvita and Move and in doing so set a completely new and higher benchmark. These beds are totally ahead of the curve thanks to their sharp focus on functional, aesthetic design and exceptionally long service life. As is the case with all care beds developed at FMB care, safety for the user was the top priority in the requirement profile devised for these models, too.

Belvita and Move are part of a care bed line equipped with exactly the same design and finish features. They only differ when it comes to the lifting frame and the undercarriage. The two models, with their adjustment range stretching from 25 or 26 cm respectively up to 80 cm, succeed in striking a perfect balance between the ergonomic working height needed by the nursing staff and a low positioning of the bed acting as a fall prevention feature. The bottom line is that the person using the bed feels safe at all times. The names Belvita – “A Beautiful Life” and Move – “When Mobility Counts” – were carefully and deliberately chosen by FMB care. And the reasoning was that quality of life and mobility for the patient despite physical disabilities were from the outset the all-important objectives when FMB care set about developing the nursing beds that ultimately became Belvita and Move. Both series equally meet every requirement of comfort and homeliness while facilitating the daily routine of those using the beds. And at the same time Belvita and Move fulfil all the wishes of the nursing staff as regards ergonomics and easy handling.

The various models of the Belvita and Move series available from FMB care enable the customer to choose between a whole host of technical and visual options. Some examples of the selections are as follows: differently structured lying surfaces, concealed castors, useful accessories such as lifting poles and grab handles and reading lamps, diverse castor sizes depending on the extent of manoeuvrability required and also a rich variety of finishes ranging from classic wood to the modern aluminium look. And all this means that the Belvita and Move care beds from FMB care will blend into every imaginable interior design concept.

The scenario handset from FMB care

The Belvita and Move care beds from FMB care boast an intelligent control system powered by a high-performance motor. And operating this system is child’s play. FMB care has developed the scenario handset for the easy controlling of this motor including the swivelling and synchronous adjusting functions of the care beds (not available for Belvita EC). Simple buttons with easy-to-understand symbols help the patient or nursing home resident to have control over daily situations, thus providing users of the beds with a good means of ramping up their independence. The corollary of this bonus is the lightening of the workload for the carers. Scenarios found on the handset include the exit position at 35 cm, the lowest position of the bed at 25/26 cm and the comfortable sitting position. All other positions including the nursing or treatment position placed at 80 cm and the Trendelenburg/Anti-Trendelenburg (aka the reverse Trendelenburg) positions are only accessible in the so-called care mode and have to be activated by the nursing staff. An optional extra is the use of the handset to switch the night light under the bed on and off.

Flexibility and protection with the Belvita and Move care beds

The welfare and wellbeing of patients and nursing home residents are precious gifts, which have to be  protected at all times. Endeavouring to find the right solution quickly, a safety formula that would be flexible and dignified for the individual, FMB care developed side protection systems for the care beds Belvita and Move so as to meet such demands. These can be implemented as a continuous guard or optionally split on one or on both sides. The result is that every system provides protection and safety for the patient and requires very little effort to be implemented.

Lying well – on the optimal lying surface

The FMB care lying surfaces have been designed and crafted in accordance with anthropological aspects. These lying surfaces, divided into 4 sections, have a nominal size of 90 x 200 cm including an integrated bed extension amounting to 10 or 20 cm, at the head and/or foot end. The safe working load goes up to 225 kg (with Belvita EC 175 kg). The backrest including backrest retraction in accordance with the DBfK, the German Organisation of Nursing Professionals, the upper leg section and the lying surface can all be adjusted electrically by means of the scenario handset (with the exception of Belvita EC). The lower legrest is adjusted manually using a precision ratchet system. At the head end of the bed can be found two mounting sockets for a lifting pole and grab handle, reading lamp etc.

There is a choice of three lying surface overlays, i.e. mattress underlays to fit on the frame:

  • DRE lying surface with a wire mesh base, easy to remove
  • KST lying surface with a plastic slatted base, easy to remove and clean.
  • KFF lying surface with synthetic segments, elastic and flexible guaranteeing excellent lying comfort, easy to take out and clean

Liegefläche DRE


Liegefläche KST


Liegefläche KFF


A care bed completely to your taste

With the FMB Belvita, Belvita EC und Move, cosiness is the golden rule. And the six stylish designs available for the headboards and footboards, manufactured out of melamine-resin-coated chipboard in a solid beech frame, play a big part in achieving this inviting warmth. Some of the styles even have a handgrip.

All the headboards and footboards are on offer in 12 standard wood finishes.

The special features of the various Belvita and Move models

The Belvita and Move care beds from FMB care are part of a care bed line equipped with the same design and finish features. They only differ when it comes to their lifting frames and undercarriages. Here you can see the three different models and their technical data:

The Belvita care bed from FMB care

Cosiness with robust quality: all in one

The Belvita EC care bed from FMB care

The homely care bed, an affordable model that satisfies all requirements

The Move care bed from FMB care

Homeliness and robust functionality plus excellent manoeuvrability


The Belvita care bed from FMB care

Pure homeliness with robust quality: all in one

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The Belvita EC care bed from FMB care

The homely care bed, an affordable model that satisfies all requirements

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