Freedom and protection redefined.

Advantages of the formidabel care bed from FMB care

Formidabel is the latest generation of care beds from FMB care, a bed which totally embraces all cutting-edge developments in the care sector. And not only its design and functionality but also its costs are considered and factored into the equation.

With its fresh approaches and innovational solutions, this full-range care bed is so powerfully convincing all down the line – ergonomically, economically and also when it comes to cosy comfort:

  • Ergonomic because of its anthropometric dimensions and functions
  • Economical because side protection that is not needed is not charged
  • Cosy because the three different models of Formidabel add more than a touch of pleasing comfort to the nursing care

Of all the side guards around – formidabel is the real ‘guardian angel’

With the Formidabel care bed, FMB care consciously frees itself from the usual, entrenched thought patterns and has gone in search of a change in perspective. One result of this sea change is the new and flexible side safety system, which ideally combines freedom of movement with protection for the patient/home resident. This system has particularly tackled the issue of freedom-restricting measures and, as such, complies with the fundamental requirement of the so-called Werdenfelser Weg, the German approach promoting alternatives to restriction of a patient’s freedom of movement. This approach teaches that the most significant alternative to the use of freedom-restricting measures is their avoidance, a school of thought completely in tune with the experts’ standard on fall prevention.

If needed, side protection can be optionally fitted in place of the bed’s side panels, with no tools being necessary for the replacement. But we are not talking side railings or bars here. On the contrary, it is a case of very sturdy side protection. With the Formidabel care bed from FMB care, this protection is crafted from a textile fabric that is attractive thanks to its transparency. The fabric itself has an antimicrobial coating and can be easily removed and washed. It is supported in a sturdy aluminium telescopic framework, which needs no rods or crossbars that could endanger the patient. It is easily raised to its maximum extent and adjustable to a continuously variable height. Its sturdiness is such that patients wishing to get up can use it as a form of assistance.

Various castors for all the various mobility needs

All the models of the Formidabel care bed from FMB care have two different versions that can be put into service. Either as the F50V, which is equipped with the following:

  • Homely-looking concealment of bed legs
  • Castors with a diameter of 50 mm to enable good manoeuvrability
  • Height adjustment ranging from 23 cm as the lowest position up to 80 cm for caring work
  • 2+2 brake system that can be operated on both sides

The F75 variant stands out in sharp relief with the following technical features:

  • Double castors, not encased, with a diameter of 75 mm to ensure excellent transportability
  • Height adjustment here ranging from 25 cm as the lowest position up to 83 cm for caring work
  • 2+2 brake system that can be operated on both sides

Formidabel F50V

Formidabel F75

The szenario handset from FMB care

The Formidabel care bed from FMB care also distinguishes itself with its state-of-the-art control system. The scenario handset, specially developed by FMB care for the controlling of the bed’s motor including swivelling and synchronous adjusting, is a dream to use because of its simple buttons and easy-to-understand symbols. On the one hand, this helps the patient to be in charge of the usual everyday scenarios himself, thus increasing his degree of independence. And on the other, when such activities are carried out by the patients themselves, it means a lightening of the workload for the carer. The scenario handset operates the following functions:

  • Button 1: the exit position at 35/38 cm (F50/F75),
  • Button 2: the lowest position (23/26 cm) and
  • Button 3: the comfortable sitting position.

All other positions including the nursing or treatment position placed at 80/83 cm and the Trendelenburg/Anti-Trendelenburg (aka the reverse Trendelenburg) positions are only accessible in the so-called care mode and have to be activated by carers. An optional extra is using the handset to switch the night light under the bed on and off.

A choice of two carefully selected lying surfaces

The lying surfaces divided into 4 sections have a basic size of 90 x 205 cm. Without the fuss of any tools, they can be extended to 210 or to 220 cm and they withstand a safe working load of up to 225 kg. The backrest including backrest retraction in accordance with the DBfK, the German Organisation of Nursing Professionals, the upper leg section and the lying surface can all be adjusted electrically by means of the scenario handset. The lower legrest is adjusted manually using a precision ratchet system. At the head end of the bed can be found two mounting sockets for a lifting pole and grab handle, reading lamp etc. And all Formidabel models have a choice of two lying surface overlays, i.e. mattress underlays:

  • The FGL lying surface made of fibreglass slats, which guarantee excellent lying comfort.
  • The KST lying surface made of a plastic slatted base, which is easy to remove and clean.

The three formidabel variations give you comfort whatever your needs

The demands placed by patients and nursing home residents, their families, their carers and also by the operators of such establishments as regards the homeliness of the caring environment are all so very different. That is why FMB care has conceptualised the care bed Formidabel in three different models – Formidabel care, Formidabel care + and Formidabel comfort. Every variation is available as a F50V with 50 mm concealed castors or as a F75 with 75 mm visible double castors. So you can be certain that this care bed designed by FMB care will deliver the goods to fulfil every kind of requirement:


Formidabel care

The new care bed. Headboard and footboard in 6 different designs and 12 standard finishes.

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Formidabel care+

For more cosiness. Comes with a fabric soft cover, which slips easily over the BN head and footboard creating an extra helping of cosiness in attractive colours.

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Formidabel comfort

The deluxe bed with the feel-good look. Headboard, footboard and also the panels are upholstered in easy-care materials, thus transforming Formidabel, optically too, into a truly feel-good bed.

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