Lying well. Caring well. Living well.

The FMB care concept: success can be planned.

Since the company’s founding, FMB care has always focused on the developing and manufacturing of the perfect care bed. In its endeavours, the company concentrates on only a few models of whose quality the developers are totally convinced.

  • Since 2009 FMB care has had in its portfolio the full-range care beds Belvita and Move.
  • Since 2016 the revolutionary Formidabel, on offer in three stunning variations, has extended the product range.

These three different bed models, which stand out in sharp relief winning everyone over with their wealth of configuration options and some really unique advantages, make it easy for nursing homes to make the right choice when it comes to lying well, caring well and indeed living well.

When you take into consideration all the parameters necessary for the development and manufacturing of a perfect product, it is solely a question of following the right strategy, of factoring this into the equation and then of putting it into practice as effectively as possible. FMB care has found the right strategy and masters it. The company’s success attests to this. The care beds designed by FMB care have consistently evolved to bring about a constant increase in production volumes. Throughout these developments, Martin Ferber Managing Director and founder of FMB care has, from day one, supported and remained true to the Germany location. Production commenced in Lippstadt in 2001. The year of 2013 saw FMB care relocating to the nearby town of Salzkotten. Since 2018 FMB care has been turning out their care beds in production halls extended to cover an area of 4,000 square metres. These two factors – our location in Central Germany and the assembling and inspection of every single care bed on the FMB care premises -make up the guarantee for best quality.

FMB care founder Martin Ferber fully understands the needs and wants of customers, patients and carers

Following 15 years’ professional experience working in a leading position for a company manufacturing care beds, the FMB care Managing Director Martin Ferber has at his fingertips a profound wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in this world of care and care beds.

In 2001 he founded his own firm in Lippstadt under the name of FMB Objekte GmbH. His intense passion for the care bed product was then – and still is today – the driving force inspiring him to devise, design, develop and produce care beds that are perfectly suited to meet the needs of patients and the requirements of nursing staff and operators.

By 2011 Martin Ferber had changed the company’s name to FMB care GmbH. The addition of “Beds and more” is the crystal-clear commitment to his company’s core competence – the developing and manufacturing of care beds. The Belgian company of Moments Furniture NV, an expert in the field of interior design concepts for the care sector, has become a co-owner whose input has ramped up the efficiency of FMB Care. The partners are now accompanying each other on the road to success and are confidently striding into the future.

FMB care is a success story

Experts in care beds for over 15 years

Founding of the company known as FMB Objekte GmbH in Lippstadt/Germany.
Launch of the Evita care bed series (700 beds), a function-oriented, particularly cosy care bed.
Moving of production and administration buildings to new premises in Lippstadt as more than 1,500 square metres then required.
Expansion of the care bed programme with the Belvita and Move models.
During the financial year of 2010 more than 5,000 beds leave the Lippstadt works, with the export share amounting to 30%.
Changing of company name to FMB care GmbH – Beds and more – a crystal-clear commitment to the company’s core competence – the developing and manufacturing of care beds. The Belgian company Moments Furniture NV becomes a co-partner.
Relocation to new production and administration premises in Salzkotten/Germany with an area covering 3,000 square metres.
During the financial year of 2014 more than 7,000 beds leave the factory.
Expansion of the care bed range with the Move, Allova + and Formidabel models. FMB care celebrates its 15th anniversary.
10,000 care beds are delivered to customers. Burgeoning success makes it necessary to extend production areas in 2018 by a considerable amount.
Commencement of construction and completion of the extension now bringing company premises in Salzkotten up to 4,000 square metres.

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