The new Formidabel

Simplify care, improve life and living.

The decision when choosing “the right care bed” is primarily a question of perspective and the interests and concerns one has as a result of such a standpoint. We understand equally all those concerned with such a decision: residents, carers and operators. That is why we enable you to select a design and also technical features that optimally correspond to your requirements.

Put in a nutshell: as much cosiness as possible, as much care as necessary.

The First, Pro und Eco ranges

Independently of the design, you can choose one of our ranges tailored to suit your technical requirements:

  • Formidabel First – the first bed of its kind with the one-of-its-kind, optional side protection rightly called Unique. Innovative and future-oriented.
  • Formidabel Pro – offering sturdy functioning with its Solid or Basic side protection. Traditional and robust.
  • Formidabel Eco – the budget-oriented version with the Unique, Solid or Basic side protection.

Formidabel First

Formidabel Eco

Is it necessary to have side protection permanently in place? How sturdy and solid does side protection have to be? Should side protection be continuous or split into sections?

It makes no difference whatever your answers to these questions are: Formidabel will provide the suitable side protection concept for your needs.

Decoration, colour, shape and material are all the variables that you can select to put together and create your very own individual care bed so that it will blend into the room design of your home. And all this independent of the selected technical specifications demanded of your new care bed. That is Formidabel!

If you need a care bed, you want to be able to enjoy using the maximum comfort of it as much as possible. So it goes without saying that we develop the lying surfaces of our beds in perfect accordance with cutting-edge medical and ergonomic findings.

Here, too, we split technical functioning from design and offer solutions that suit every kind of requirement as regards manoeuvring in a room and also when it comes to straightforward transportability.

The right accessories turn a good system into a perfect one. Our accessories are permanently evolving so as to alleviate the work of carers and to enhance the quality of life for residents and patients.

The equipment options at a glance: