As much freedom as possible – as much protection as necessary

A sea change in the caring culture

Expertise of Siegfried Huhn

„… carers now have to meet the patient’s right of physical integrity and also his or her right of self-determination in an appropriate and acceptable way. …

If side protection is deemed to be the sensible procedure, it is necessary to have a partial protection system that is swiftly implemented. Very often it suffices to pull up just one part of the protective side instead of the complete side so that the patient becomes aware of the demarcation of the bed without this limit having to be fixed. …

In this way the design of the care bed can assist carers in their professional decision-making. It can also help to reverse too rigid a standpoint on safety that often leads to measures depriving patients of freedom.”

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Side protection “Unique”

Formidabel First equipped with the all round side protection Unique and also 50 mm double castors encased in plastic covers.

Side panels – the most cost-effective solution if no side protection is required.

Formidabel with a side protection element at the head and a panel at the foot end.

Panels can be easily removed without the need for any tools and then replaced by side protection.

Side protection at the foot end of the bed can also be mounted in a few quick and easy steps.

Unlike conventional side protection systems, our Unique side protection is only mounted on the bed when required – no tools, no effort, no problem. There are no space restrictions when it is not needed. And when in place, it is so easy to pull up and to select the freely adjustable height as required.

It protects patients from falling out of bed or provides assistance when they wish to get up – whatever the situation demands. Furthermore, the well-thought-out design prevents any risk of limbs becoming jammed. Comfort and hygiene are also certainly not forgotten. The washable mesh fabric, which can be changed, creates a feeling of safety and transparency.

The freedom of being able to live without a side protection system constitutes a considerable improvement to the quality of life for many residents and patients. The price for such freedom is, however, taking responsibility for one’s own safety, which in some cases is very difficult for patients and residents. But the very lowest position of our beds allows both wishes to be fulfilled – more quality of life and the guarantee of safety.

Sturdiness and excellent functioning in daily care

The Solid side protection concept

The wellbeing of patients and nursing home residents is a precious gift, which has to be protected at all times. In our efforts to immediately find a safety solution that is flexible and dignified for the individual, we have developed side protection systems to meet such demands.

These give the person lying in bed the necessary safety with effortless ease. We have divided up the side protection known as Solid asymmetrically in the ratio 40:60. This arrangement makes it significantly easier for residents to get into bed while nevertheless offering good protection to prevent them from falling out of bed.

The Basic side protection concept

The Basic side protection runs continuously along the bed and, when pulled up in a few quick and easy moves, offers protection and safety to residents who are at great risk of falling (taking into account all the legal prerequisites according to FRM, i.e. Freedom Restraining Measures).