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FMB care is involved: We will be part of ÖKOPROFIT/ECOPROFIT in 2018


FMB care this year is participating in the “Ökologisches Projekt Für Integrierte Umwelt-Technik“ (in English: Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Protection).

ÖKOPROFIT is a cooperative approach project between regional authority and local companies in Germany and many other countries with the goal of reducing costs while at the same time conserving natural resources.

This year, FMB care is also working as an ÖKOPROFIT company in the district of Paderborn. “Together with other Ökoprofit companies, we are looking for all sorts of potentials for reducing the consumption of energy, water and operating resources as well as waste and waste water,” says Martin Ferber. And adds: “However, this reduced resource consumption not only makes things good for the environment – it also improves our operating result.” A whole range of measures (including photovoltaics) were already taken in the planning and construction of the new FMB care Production hall implemented.

(On the picture the participants at the workshop on the semiannual balance sheet on 24.11.2018)