Even more protection day and night


Choosing Formidabel means choosing the best kind of protection and safety. Furthermore, the scenario handset gives a patient so many opportunities of making life easier and of preserving a good degree of independence. Such freedom-promoting situations require all-round protection that goes beyond the usual safety levels, something which Formidabel can offer – simply because of its excellent design benefits. FMB care has equipped the bed with integrated sensor technology, which sends a digital signal as soon as assistance is required: the Safer Exit system. And this system is linked up with a few more safety precautions, too.

The Formidabel care bed scenario handset
FMB care has developed the scenario handset to operate the care bed functions. Simple buttons with easy-to-understand symbols help the patient or nursing home resident to set up the daily routine for himself, to achieve the right positions for sleeping, getting up or comfortable sitting. Other buttons can only be operated by nursing staff.

Formidabel Safer Exit
As soon as a patient leaves his bed, the linked Safer Exit system alerts the nursing staff over the in-house call system directly. Control of the system is carried out via a handset with an adjustable message delay and it can also be deactivated in this way.

Formidabel underbed lighting
Permanent underbed lighting is available to assist restless patients who frequently get up from bed during the night. This lighting can be switched on and off by using the handset. Alternatively it can be combined with Safer Exit in such a way that the light goes on when the patient leaves the bed and it switches off after the patient’s return.

Formidabel bed lamp
The Culta bed lamp is operated manually. It is directly connected to the electronics of the bed and provides the patient with a pleasant light without disturbing other patients or residents. This bed lamp can also be switched on for the benefit of restless patients either temporarily or in the long term.