Stars of sports 2015


We wish to congratulate the club Spomobil e.V. on receiving this fantastic award.

The “Stars of Sports” award is the most impressive one and the highest distinction in recreational and popular sporting activities in Germany. In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia alone this year, 214 keen sports clubs tried to win this coveted prize.
For its outstanding and exemplary social commitment, Spomobil e.V. was honoured with a silver star and awarded third place by the North Rhine-Westphalia Secretary of Sport Christina Kampmann at the Ministry in Düsseldorf.
The rehabilitation sports programme offered by Spomobil e.V. in Lippstadt provides a concept of movement that takes into account disabilities caused by illness and one that exploits a person’s remaining capabilities. The aim of this concept is to encourage people to become mobile so that they can take part in and determine the daily routine themselves.

Strength and movement can both be trained right up to a ripe old age. This is the very premise of the concept. As required and individually suited to each participant, the types of exercise and the fall prevention training help to promote and maintain independence. In their endeavours with this scheme, Spomobil has developed the G-Weg®.

The G-Weg® is a therapeutic aid designed to prevent falls and to improve gait patterns. It offers a wealth of possibilities to promote motor skills and cognitive capabilities needed in everyday life. The G-Weg® is a six-metre-long carpet, which can be quickly rolled out and up again, and is therefore perfect for short and sweet exercise sessions in the corridor or recreation room of old people’s homes and rehabilitation clinics.


As the subject of fall prevention is of great concern to FMB, we gladly support the work performed by Spomobil.