Exceptional success of the Formidabel care bed


The very definite rise in sales in 2017 can be especially attributed to our new care bed Formidabel. It is a care bed that sets totally new standards. This is true, on the one hand, because of its design features making it the first care bed without side rails and, on the other, because it offers a treasure trove of advantages for patients and users, for carers and for the operators of care homes. It has to be said straight away: Formidabel has no bed rails or guards. But there is an optional side protection, which has been specially developed for this bed. It is a type of side protection that does not function with conventional and indeed dangerous rails and crossbars, equipment which could possibly lead to a confused patient becoming jammed in and trapped. On the contrary, this protection consists of a washable mesh fabric supported in a telescopic pull-out feature, pleasing almost liberating to users because it is transparent. It can be pulled out to its maximum height through continuously variable positions. So sturdy is its construction that it complies with the relevant norm and can consequently be used by patients as a stand-assist feature.

Whenever required, this side protection can replace a side panel of the bed and be fitted by the carer really simply and easily and without the need for any tools. No integrated side rails but instead a modular side protection system which can be implemented as needed and which always considers the option of avoiding FRM – freedom-restraining measures. That really does redefine the concepts of protection and safety for the patient.

FRM dropping to virtually no measures with the new Formidabel
It is now hard to imagine that years ago care beds had no bed rails whatsoever. Falling out of bed was regarded as falling off a chair or stumbling when walking and was considered to be a normal risk in everyday life. If patients became very restless during the night, continuous bed rails were fetched out of storage and secured between the head and footboard of the bed. Then, at the beginning of the 1990s when integrated bed rails arrived, it became very easy to make use of the apparatus – naturally with good intentions and always to protect the patient. Nevertheless, the rate of accidents unfortunately continued to rise more and more. And what is worse in such a scenario, many patients are able to clambour over such side rails. Because of the resulting higher drop to fall, these accidents often end up in very serious injuries.
The fall prevention standard set by the experts therefore very clearly urges that the use of mechanical measures designed to restrain freedom of movement, and these include side rails of a bed, should be “definitely avoided.” This is a demand which complies with the Redufix and the Werdenfelser Weg initiatives, guidelines to reduce freedom-restraining measures in patient care and safety.
With Formidabel, however, side protection can be set up by the carer just on those occasions when an individual patient needs such a safeguard. Only at the head end. With four sections all around. Or simply not at all. Because when Formidabel is in its lowest position just 23 cm away from the floor, it is not possible for the patient to tumble out of bed. The worst thing that can happen at this level is that a patient rolls out onto the floor. And that usually does not entail injuries. In such a case, the Safer Exit system then spontaneously alerts the nursing staff.

The advantages of Formidabel at a glance
Formidabel advantages for the patient: Lying well and safely.
Something that is not there cannot be used! And it does not have to be used because the proximity to ground level, just 23 cm away from the floor, is protection enough itself for the patient.

Formidabel advantages for the nurse: Caring well and safely.
Something that is not there cannot be used! Nursing staff then do not even entertain using freedom-restraining measures unless approval for such action has been granted or it is absolutely necessary.

Formidabel advantages for the operator: No financial problems as investment is reduced.
Something that is not there does not cost anything! There is, of course, the option of just providing as much side protection as is actually needed. And finally: something that is justifiably not used cannot have any legal consequences.