Accessories for FMB care beds

Improved care also means simplified care

When we set about developing the optimal care bed system, we believe that we also have to generate synergies that reflect the daily caring routine.

Scenario handset for the First range.

That is why, years ago, we developed our first scenario handset designed to operate a care bed – in all its various scenarios. And we are constantly developing this further. Simple buttons with easy-to-understand symbols help the patient or nursing home resident to have control over daily situations such as achieving the lowest position to sleep, the right height to get up or the comfortable position to relax.

For residents all this is a wonderful means of improving their independence and for the caring staff a definite lightening of their workload because there are fewer calls for help.

Lifting poles

You can choose between two models of lifting poles: the classic type with height adjustment using a buckle or the quick and flexible variation with a roll-up belt system.

Bed lamps

Light gives patients and residents a feeling of security and independence. Our bed lamps boasting energy-saving LED technology generate only a small amount of waste heat.

Wall spacers

It makes no difference whether they are fixed at the head, at the foot and/or on the side: wall spacers protect the wall and likewise the bed in a very reliable way.

Safer Exit

If a patient leaves his bed, the Safer Exit feature alerts the nursing staff over the in-house call system. Safer Exit can be installed in a few easy steps without any tools being required.


The three types of mattresses that we supply enable us to give you the right solution for every kind of caring situation.

Textile Cover

Easy-care textile covers – in colours matching the decor – can be quickly pulled over the BN headboard without using any tools and just as easily removed again as required. In this way the bed can be flexibly adapted to suit each individual caring situation.