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The person is always the most important factor in the equation – everyone who works in the care sector shares this conviction. So our task is quite unequivocal: the nurturing of innovative ideas and the creating of supreme products to make life easier and to improve its quality for everyone requiring care and for all those providing such care. Here at FMB we devote ourselves to this task wholeheartedly and strive towards its success every day.

Care bed Formidabel Ultralow

Safe proximity
to the floor

Our UltraLow is the latest building block in the Formidabel series.  This is where you will find all cutting-edge solutions and functions brought together in order to create the greatest sense of wellbeing possible for the care home resident.

Formidabel UltraLow


Freedom with

When developing our side protection system – and incidentally Unique was as clear-cut as it was ambitious – this was our aim:  to reconcile the maximum amount of freedom with the maximum amount of safety.

Side protection systems


with buttons

Good solutions operate smoothly. The Scenario handset makes the daily routine of residents and carers as easy as humanly possible:  just by pressing a button.

Szenario Handset


Longer and
so much better

Every care home resident or hospital patient is different. So it is all the more important that a care bed can be flexibly adapted to suit the prevailing needs and conditions.

Bed extension with no tools required



Two objectives are always of crucial importance for us: the improvement of care safety and quality, the lightening of the carers’ workload. In combination with the Formidabel care bed, we can see how digital solutions can hugely support carers and enhance the quality of life for people in need of care.

Digital solutions

A modular solution

Absolutely unique

Every home resident, every hospital patient has special needs.  Therefore we think it should always be possible to upgrade and convert a care bed along modular lines so that it can be flexibly and fuss-free adapted to suit individual requirements on the spot in each and every location. This was the thinking behind Formidabel and the reason why we developed it to become the most wide-ranging modular care bed on the market.
Modular solution

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