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Bed extensions with no tools required

Individually adaptable solutions

Every care home resident or hospital patient is different. So it is all the more important that a care bed can be flexibly adapted to suit the prevailing needs and conditions. And that has to happen with very little effort. The way in which the bed length of Formidabel First and UltraLow can be extended without the need for any tools is the perfect example of how good solutions can also be very simple.

Just a few quick moves is all that it takes
It is vital that a care bed can be adapted swiftly and in a straightforward manner to suit the height of each resident or individual patient. Thanks to the integrated bed extension feature, which comes as a standard fitting, all our Formidabel models can be easily extended. With the First and UltraLow models that are available with the Unique side protection, the bed extension, carried out without the need for any tools, leads to even more flexibility and saves a great deal of time, too. By means of a practical release mechanism, these models can be quickly extended from 2 metres in length to 2.10 metres or even up to 2.20 metres. In this way it is possible to react at short notice if beds are to be used for different residents or patients with the result that the new “inhabitant” of the bed can be given the greatest comfort immediately.

Handset Scenario

Solutions with

Good solutions operate smoothly. The Scenario handset makes the daily routine of residents and carers as easy as humanly possible:  just by pressing a button.

Easy-to-understand symbols help the resident to intuitively have control over everyday situations just by pressing a button: scenarios such as finding a comfortable position to relax, a sleeping position or achieving the right height for the bed in order to get up easily and safely. The result is a very real potential lightening of the workload for carers. And for those needing care, it means more independence and consequently a higher level of social integration.

In addition to the programmable resident’s mode, the configurable care mode and the lockdown mode work together to create a safe operating of the device. In short: we are talking more quality of life and more enjoyment at work.

Digital solutions


Two objectives are always of crucial importance for us: the improvement of care safety and quality, the lightening of the carers’ workload. In combination with the Formidabel care bed, we can see how digital solutions can hugely support carers and enhance the quality of life for people in need of care.  Our solution called Safer Exit, sensor-supported and developed together with the care sector, is an example of a technology that can be implemented simply and successfully. In nursing homes it is a fact that falls can quite often happen and the consequences thereof can be most serious. If a resident who is at particularly at risk from falling gets up from bed, the sensor system, suitably programmed for the individual resident, alerts the nursing staff via radio, thus enabling them to be on the spot quickly.

And especially when one considers challenges such as finding specialist staff and keeping them, our handset, with its selection of various scenarios typical of the care situation, offers a pragmatic, digital solution with invaluable benefits. Programmed functions, such as choosing the position for getting up out of bed and the comfortable position for relaxing or the operating of the underbed light, can all be selected just by the pressing of a button. These features intuitively make for an easier daily routine for the residents and they promote independence.

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