Care beds and accessories from FMB care meet the highest and most discerning standards

Optimal comfort for those using the beds and for nursing staff

The highly individual demands placed on a care bed vary enormously from patient to patient, from nursing home to nursing home and are dependent on the kind of care that has to be given. With each one of its care beds, FMB care totally satisfies all these diverse requirements because it offers a high degree of individualisation – a brand of customisation that begins with the basic configuration and ends with user-specific adjustments. Care beds coming out of the ateliers of FMB care, together with the wide selection of bedside and overbed tables and also the rich variety of accessories and add-on extras, cover all the classic care requirements but they can also cater for very special needs.

For anyone using a care bed, this piece of furniture becomes the centre of the person’s life, the focus of the patient’s world

The ability to lie comfortably is the most important prerequisite to ensure that the person resting in the bed is guaranteed the best possible kind of comfort.

The care beds of FMB care, with their well-designed lying surface, with a choice of mattress underlays to fit on the bed frame and also with their mattresses, always offer the comfortable lying position that is expected of such a bed. This comfortable lying position is enhanced by the individual adjustment options offered by the lying surface, which is split into four sections. The adjustment options also include a comfortable sitting position. The backrest dimensions are tailored to suit anthropometric features, a retraction option prevents pressure sores from developing in the sitting position and the tool-free bed extension possibility takes into account changes in the body length of the user.

The low-bed position also makes possible varying degrees of protection: all care beds from FMB care are without exception full-range care beds.

And the beds from FMB care also boast side protection systems as required: split on one or on both sides or, alternatively, continuous as is the case with the Belvita and Move models. The other end of the scale is the Formidabel model that only has optional side protection as and when it is needed. All the full-range care beds from FMB care have an automatic stop set at bed egress level. This feature, together with the appropriate height adjustment of the side protection at the head end of the bed, acting as an aid to mobilisation, encourages and motivates the patient to carry out activities independently, an enormously important aspect.

Easier care with the care beds from FMB care

Care beds from FMB care facilitate all kinds of nursing work:

  • Height adjustment feature, which positions the bed and the patient at the optimal level for all care work
  • A two-section safety side system, which drops to below mattress level or, depending on requirements, can be drawn up in the area of the upper body and/or in the leg area.
  • Good manoeuvrability which makes operating and moving the bed easier.

Care beds from FMB care support nursing activities:

  • A scenario handset enables the exact, required positioning of the lying surface to be achieved
  • Optional use of the Out-of-Bed system, which informs nursing staff if a patient exits or enters the bed, thus making measures restricting freedom of movement superfluous (measures that do not have to be taken when the bed is in its ultra-low position)

Care beds from FMB care lighten the load of care work thanks to the option allowing certain functions to be activated:

  • Positioning when lying and adjusting of height, functions which can be operated by the patient himself
  • Possibility for the patient to move thanks to a two-section safety side system



Full-range care bed of a new generation:
Freedom redefined.

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