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Formidabel Pro

The Pro bed can be easily combined with the two side protection systems known as Solid and Basic. This bed symbolises traditional functions that chime together in harmony with brand new reliable solutions for the daily nursing routine.

Good sound care and workload reduction
In addition to a selection of various castor and brake systems, the care beds in the Pro series have on offer innumerable options when it comes to a choice of equipment. With the divided side protection known as Solid, which particularly facilitates getting in and out of the bed thanks to its asymmetrical division of 40:60, this Formidabel model, too, provides safety without imposing measures that would deprive patients of their freedom. It also enables residents and patients to enjoy a lot of time devoted to valuable caring activities. The huge variety of functions such as the standard handset covering a selection of scenarios, the integrated bed extension facility, the high degree of stability, a safe working load and the kaleidoscope of design options perfectly round off the complete range of features and equipment offered by Formidabel Pro.

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Basic Features

4 section lying surface

Metal slats, width 90 cm

Height adjustment 

25 – 80 cm

Bed extension


Double castors Ø 50 mm

With plastic cover



Safe working load 

225 kg

Head position/ low position

2 + 2 brake system

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