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The variety of FMB care mattress models, ranging from standard through to comfort and also those for prevention of certain conditions, is especially tailored to suit the care environment. These mattresses offer residents and patients an exceptionally comfortable sleeping and lying position while at the same time fulfilling all the hygienic requirements demanded of the caring situation. Features such as foam composition, density, reinforced perimeter zones or a particular profile provide the appropriate structure, which supports not only mobility but which also brings about a pressure-relief effect.

For more details, please speak to our consultants. And we feel really sure that you will find the suitable mattress model for your establishment in our product portfolio.


and mobility

Lifting pole with retracting strap
Height adjustment of the trapeze grab bar is achieved quickly and so flexibly by means of the retractable strap system that rolls up. In this way independence and mobility are both promoted.

Lifting pole with manual strap adjustment
The resident or patient can pull himself or herself up using the trapeze grab bar and then take up a new position more easily. The strap is manually adjusted at the suitable height.


Bright, flexible
and energy efficient

Culta LED reading lamp
The first-class materials characterize the Culta reading lamp. The pliable swan neck and the rotating lamp head ensure the flexibility boasted by this lamp.


Optimum protection
for bed and furnishings

Wall spacer
Whether it is fixed at the head, foot and/or on the side of a Formidabel care bed, the result is always the same:  you can rely on the wall spacer to protect the wall, the home’s furnishings and the bed all in the same way.

Wall deflection rollers
Fitted to the headboards and footboards, these deflection rollers reliably protect furniture and furnishings against damage that could occur during the daily caring routine.

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